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For a while, I did not make a blog because I did not know what to call it. At first, I thought of calling it “Thanks Susan” because it was Susan’s voice I finally heard to make a blog about food. Her logic: you love cooking, creating a blog is a good use of creative time while sheltering in place and you always talk in food analogies. I also thought of calling this blog “Love Letter to Grandma” because she was an amazing cook and we bonded over talking about what we made. Granted. my grandma could make lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots taste amazing because her hand knew the perfect ration of red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt. She was passionate about life and she loved hearing about what I was cooking. Until she was 95, she wanted me to email the recipe so she can read and then she preferred just talking about food over the food, fantasizing about symphony of flavors that would stimulate her taste buds. I hope you find these recipes even ¼ as exciting as she did and we will still be okay. Some people ask me if I was a fat kid or deprived of food and I plead the fifth because I am constantly making food analogies. One time, my Argentinian mother put grilled chicken and a basic salad in front of my heavy cream, butter, and cheese-loving Danish grandmother. Granted, she was 93 with high cholesterol and some other issues, but she spent a while looking down at her plate and then looked up and said: “elder abuse.” Both my grandmothers loved baking. One was better at following a loose recipe. Then there is my mother: splitting a cookie four ways seems a little drastic. Just this morning I had two cookies for lunch. Food is a language everyone can relate too, whether you are a vegan or carnivore, you can appreciate a good meal. Food is love and a way of communicating that allowed me to get my point across without being interrupted—even if it makes you hungry.

With a happy tummy,


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